Weather Workflow for Alfred 2

The Weather workflow for Alfred 2 i somewhat of a remake of my previous weather extension for Alfred 1. With this extension, you will be able to set your default weather location and then quickly check current conditions, or the forecast for your location.

Searching for your default location is very easy thanks to Alfred 2’s new feedback system. Enter the name of the city you want to set, and suggestions are populated into Alfred’s results.

Special thanks to Javier Esquivel (@jovotrox) for supplying the icons. Javier is super talented and has been helping me with some other icons and artwork for upcoming workflows.

Update: 3/18

– NOTE: Be sure to set your location again first to set a default temp unit, then you can change it.
– Dropped functionality of saving settings to Workflow Data folder and moved it back to the workflow folder. This provides syncing of the settings and hopefully will alleviate the issue of some users having trouble saving settings.