Text Expansion with Dash

TextExpander has always been my go-to for my text expansion needs. I liked the fact that it just worked inline without having to use some other kind of action, there wasn’t any kind of popup or searching, and it allowed you to set delimiters for expanding the text instead of performing it immediately. I liked the idea of using Dash┬ásince it would be dual purpose allowing me to search documentation and perform my text expansion. The main thing I didn’t like was that it didn’t allow me to set a delimiter. I don’t want to accidentally type something and a bunch of text pop up.

Last night I was tinkering with Dash again and realized, why can’t I just type a tab somewhere, copy that, and paste it at the end of the abbreviation box in Dash to make it part of the expansion string? That way, ‘,df’ + tab, would be the way to expand it, not just ‘,df’. If that worked, I could use Dash the exact same way I use TextExpander. Does it work? You bet.

No more needing to run Dash and TextExpander together to get documentation search AND text expansion (the way I want it) at the same time. Seems simple but was something that just hadn’t occurred to me until last night so I thought I would share this little tip.