AlfredTweet 2

The time has come, the bird is back.  Welcome to AlfredTweet 2. AlfredTweet has been migrated to the new Alfred 2 and has all the old favorites, plus a few new features. Please notice that any commands that send a tweet or direct message are actioned by pressing Cmd+Enter, not just Enter. I did this to prevent… Read More →


Faves Workflow

This was a simple idea requested by a user in the forums. It’s a workflow that allows you to mark a folder/app/file as a favorite and then provide you with quick access to those items by a keyword. I don’t know why I didn’t think of creating this before because it would come in so handy when… Read More →

Amazon Suggest Workflow

Amazon Suggest Workflow

The Amazon Suggest workflow, similar to the Google Suggest workflow, will provide search suggestions for Actioning a result item will result in a search on Amazon for the suggested search term. Changes 3/22/13 – Added default option to search the exact text on Amazon instead of only suggestions

Recent Documents

Recent Documents for Alfred 2

Recent Documents workflow for Alfred 2. This workflow requires Alfred b131 or better. The recent documents feature was added into Alfred b131. This workflow reads the database that maintains the list of recent documents and provides quick access to them. Results are shown as file types so they can be actioned. Once again, a big thank you… Read More →


Weather Workflow for Alfred 2

The Weather workflow for Alfred 2 i somewhat of a remake of my previous weather extension for Alfred 1. With this extension, you will be able to set your default weather location and then quickly check current conditions, or the forecast for your location. Searching for your default location is very easy thanks to Alfred 2’s new… Read More →

Google Suggest

Google Suggest Workflow for Alfred 2

The Google Suggest workflow allows you quickly and easily find search suggestions from These suggestions will match the same results that you would get if you were executing a query on Google’s search page. Go ahead and try it out. Changes 3/22/13 – Fixed typo in the Workflow description 3/22/13 – Added default option to search… Read More →