Restart OSX without Relaunch via Alfred

I had a big long post describing a, kind of a hacked way to restart without relaunch and then at the bottom I had one more little tidbit of information that I never thought about putting with something else. Adam Lau (@helloleo) and I were discussing using AppleScript to click Restart on the Apple menu. That works fine, but it doesn’t prompt to check and see whether or not you want to relaunch the apps, so you can’t set that with AppleScript. What was the last tidbit of info in this post before? How to set whether or not it should relaunch. Bingo!

So now this isn’t anywhere near a hack. It changes one setting in a plist and then uses AppleScript to click Restart in the Apple menu. Problem solved. I had all the info I needed, I just needed someone to kick me in the and say “hey, think about it”. Ha. Thank you Adam Lau.