Faves Workflow

This was a simple idea requested by a user in the forums. It’s a workflow that allows you to mark a folder/app/file as a favorite and then provide you with quick access to those items by a keyword. I don’t know why I didn’t think of creating this before because it would come in so handy when working on projects.

Results from the workflow are actionable (marked as file items), they can be opened it by pressing Enter, browsed in Alfred by pressing Cmd+Enter, or removed from the favorites list by pressing Ctrl+Enter.


3/23/13 Added ability to filter the faves list (Suggestion by ramiro.araujo)
3/22/13 Added a fallback to the workflows class to make it read the current parent folder name if the bundle id wasn’t read.
3/22/13 Removed the folder limitation, you can now add any file, folder, or application as a favorite

3/22/13 Removed folder specific icon from items and set the result to show the referenced item’s icon instead
3/22/13 Removed the “Open in Finder” action. Left it to just open the file so it would work for applications and other files as well.