Cesium Docset for Dash

Dash is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager for Mac OS X. This package is a docset that can be imported into Dash to provide quick and easy searching and navigation of the Cesium documentation offline. Dash also provides a dynamic workflow for searching your downloaded docsets via Alfred. These two together make searching the… Read More →

Dash Expansion

Text Expansion with Dash

TextExpander has always been my go-to for my text expansion needs. I liked the fact that it just worked inline without having to use some other kind of action, there wasn’t any kind of popup or searching, and it allowed you to set delimiters for expanding the text instead of performing it immediately. I liked the idea… Read More →

Trouble Downloading?

Having trouble downloading some of the workflows found here? Most of them are stored on Droplr. If you get an “Access Denied” error message, one of the potential issues could be that you are using the HTTPS Everywhere plugin. This plugin is known to cause issues with CloudFront, the CDN that Droplr uses. If you are experiencing… Read More →