AlfredTweet 2

The time has come, the bird is back.  Welcome to AlfredTweet 2. AlfredTweet has been migrated to the new Alfred 2 and has all the old favorites, plus a few new features.

Please notice that any commands that send a tweet or direct message are actioned by pressing Cmd+Enter, not just Enter. I did this to prevent people from accidentally sending a tweet too early, when they weren’t ready. You can remove the Cmd modifier requirement in the workflows area.


Pop up Alfred and type ‘alfredtweet’ and press Enter. This will redirect you to the AlfredTweet homepage where you will log in to Twitter. After authenticating to Twitter, you can will be provided with an authentication code. Copy this code and then pop up Alfred again, type ‘alfredtweet’ and paste your code after it. Press enter and you should be ready to start tweeting!

Auto Complete

AlfredTweet Auto Complete








One of the cool new features available in AlfredTweet 2 is the ability to auto complete usernames when sending a tweet. AlfredTweet can build a database of friends and followers and auto complete those names if you want (try the autocomplete keyword) or, you can just let AlfredTweet build his own database based on the users that you mention. Auto complete is available when creating a tweet or sending a direct message.

Character Count

Finally. Right? Yeah I know. If I could have included it before, I would have. It’s available now. This is another great perk of Alfred 2’s feedback system. AlfredTweet can tell you how many characters you have remaining for the tweet.


Remember the mentions command from the previous versions of AlfredTweet? It just showed you some info in a Growl notification. Lame huh? Now with AlfredTweet 2, you can see the list of the most recent mentions and press enter to action is, creating a reply to the author and other parties mentioned in the tweet.

Now Playing

The Now Playing feature is back! Now you can see what track is playing, in what player, so you can see exactly what will be sent in the Now Playing tweet. Don’t forget to press Cmd+Enter to send.

AlfredTweet Now Playing








Have a few recommendations for other things that could be added to AlfredTweet 2? Let me know. I’d love to hear them.


I want to extend a special thank you to Javier Esquivel for the new AlfredTweet icons, the banner image, the authentication page, etc. He’s helped me out a lot lately and has done some great work. Thanks again buddy, much appreciated.